At this point, we are NOT accepting applications for new members. However, if you would like to be considered for a future training cycle, please complete the Interested in Joining form so we can contact you the next time one opens.

Membership in UVWRT is a serious commitment in time and energy and should not be taken lightly. As a volunteer organization, the team is only as strong as the commitment of its volunteers. All members are expected to participate in callouts, training sessions, service events, meetings and other team functions and events.

Kent County (MI) Search and Rescue has an excellent article on what it takes to be on a SAR team. Before applying, please read this article first!

UVWRT generally conducts training sessions for new members from January through May with the goal of having new members trained and ready to go before Memorial Day. Training sessions are held evenings and Saturdays with a full SAR training weekend in April or May. If there is enough interest, an additional training cycle may be held over the summer to get additional new members ready for the fall hiking season.

To join you must:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • have a basic competency in outdoor living and survival skills;
  • complete an application form, including a hard copy of the liability waiver at your first team event;
  • pay initial annual dues of $25; and
  • successfully complete all training requirements.

To maintain membership you must:

  • acquire and maintain a suitable 24 hour ready pack;
  • abide by the UVWRT Constitution and Standard Operating Procedures;
  • maintain a professional attitude and level of dedication;
  • contribute annual team dues of $25;
  • complete the annual fitness hike (Demonstrate the ability to carry a 20 pound pack 4 miles over 2,000 vertical feet of elevation in under 2.5 hours.); and
  • (most importantly) commit to regularly respond to callouts! (Our goal is to have members respond to at least 33% of all callouts each year – one out of every three – to demonstrate an adequate level of dedication.)

Final acceptance is always at the discretion of the UVWRT officers, regardless of qualifications, and membership applications may be denied or put on hold to maintain a manageable team size.